Open Blog Challenge

Can you complete my O.B.Q  (Open Blog Quiz)  here is some challenges that you will have to complete.Please comment when you figure out what the answer is.

-Where are 2 places that people have visited my blog  ( you can’t count California )?

-Find out how I became a Master Of The Skills Of Independents.

-What dose “My World” say about me?

-Where dose J.P want to go to?

-What is one of Daizjah’s favorite drinks?

-Try to guess Nicole R’s idiom.

-Try to guess my jigsaw puzzle.

-How many animals does Daniela have?


A leader is someone who is confident, fearless and also has passion. Leaders also are smart, any how that’s what I think a leader is. My leader is Rosa Parks she did something incredible and something that took a lot of courage and I would not have been able to do that my self. Another reason Rosa Parks is my leader is because she is someone who made a huge difference in the world just like Martin Luther King also she was probably tired about siting in the back of the bus I know I would have. That’s why Rosa Parks is my leader. Who is yours?MyCloud

Just For Fun!

If you want to have fun you can do my jigsaw puzzle. Hope you can figure it out. When finished please reset in settings oh also when your finished comment what your time was my time was 3:32 that’s how long it took me. Can you beat my time? 

1,000 Visitors

Today my class and I are celebrating because the class’s class blog has reached 1,000 visitors to come and visit the blog. Oh and my class and I are trying to figure out ways to make 1,000 here is mine (600+600)=(1,200-200)=1,000. What is your way to create 1,000?

Denali National Park

My and I class were involved in a National Park Project.  Everybody in our classroom had a buddy from the state of Wisconsin and we researched of a long time and we finished and this is our presentation that my buddy and me did.  Have you ever done anything like this.

Is That….Carbon

Did you know that every living thing in the world that is living has carbon in side of it? Carbon is also in the smoke and in all plants and animals.  Such as humans, and trees everything that is burned and turns black has carbon in it. Carbon is in everything including candles but only some candles have carbon the black stuff that is left over is the carbon did you know that? If you know any thing else about carbon please comment. Hope that you find everything all right, happy blogging! Come check out and spreed the word.Winter Fruit
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Khalid Al-Haqqan via Compfight 

My Footprint

footprint on the sand
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: ezioman via Compfight

Do you  know what digital footprint  is? If not let me tell you. A digital footprint is like a digital file that is stored under your name and if someone has the same name as you, you share the same digital footprint. If you own a Twitter,Facebook,or Instagram   you can search your name and you can see your accounts. Your digital footprint starts before you are born and still continues when you are dead. did you know that when you call someone it tracks where you are. Would you let your grandchildren  see your digital footprint? If you all ready know what a digital footprint is please comment.



My Awsome Math Game

DSC_0299Have you ever made a math game before? I have my game is called Multiplication Chess it is a fun game where you can practice your multiplication facts .  You can play with your class mates or play with someone in your family or someone you don’t know that’s in your school. Creating a math game is not as hard as it looks to create my game because I just bough a chess set and put times fact on it but is was careful with what times facts I put on the chess board. The thing about my game is just to have fun here is a picture up top.

Whoa, Whats That?……Digestion

1393531252213.1 My class and I did a awesome science lab! What we did was awesome because our class got pantyhose and oatmeal and  put a knot in on the end of one side of the pantyhose. Next my group and I put the oatmeal in the pantyhose and tied a knot on the other side of the pantyhose. Last we pushed the oatmeal through the pantyhose, and all the liquid was coming out of the pantyhose into a bucket.  That’s what my class and I called nutrients. The reason that they called it nutrients was because the science lab my class was doing was about the small intestine. After my group and I got mostly all the nutrients out of the oatmeal, it weighed  6 oz but when all the nutrients was in the oatmeal it weighed 10 oz. This is how the small intestine sucks up nutrients and then sends it to the blood cells. For or me, it was a awesome science lab.

Does your class do any cool science experiments? If so,what is your favorite?

Missing Alien Reward $5,000

Have you seen my alien?My alien has legs as skinny as sticks his hair is like his arms and hands.  The color of my alien is the color of the is the color of green and blue infused with each other.  My alien  is as tall as the Empire State Building.  He also has facial hair with a miniature mouth.  The color of his eyes are the color of the ocean and the sky mixed together.  So have you seen my alien?